The six collections presented below cover different styles and needs of our customers.
A "blade" corresponds to; one note, and the number of blades defines the the richness of harmony. In the catalogs, the duration of the melody is approximate, since it depends on the state of charge of the spring.

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Swiss Heritage 36 blades

36 blades, each box is a unique creation,
from CHF 490

Swiss Heritage 18 blades

18 blades, each box is produced in 5 copies,
from CHF 290

Folk Tradition

18 blades,
from CHF 290

Swiss Fantasy

18 blades,
from CHF 89


jewelry box, 18 or 22 blades, the ballerina is optional,
from CHF 490

La Piccola

18 blades, crank drive,
from CHF 99

Family Box in prepartion.