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Boîtes à musiques

Meet a unique craftsmanship dedicated to the tradition and renewal of Art Mechanics. Discover our products, from the traditional Piccola to the new set of Swiss Heritage music boxes, the result of a genuine regional know-how.

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Our worshop is a small museum. Come visit us to find out how we make our boxes!
Here a map of Ste-Croix.

The decription of our products can be found in the catalog below.
The prices indicated do not include shipping costs.
To order contact us by email or phone by indicating the name of the box, the color and the chosen melody. We send by post or courier. Payment is made by bank transfer or other means to be discussed.
Let yourself be charmed by some of our most beautiful melodies .


The six collections presented below cover different styles and needs of our customers.
The number of notes defines the richness of harmony. In the catalogs, the duration of the melody is approximate, since it depends on the state of charge of the spring.

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Music boxes Swiss Heritage 36 notes

36 notes, each box is a unique creation,
from CHF 490

Music boxes Swiss Heritage 18 notes

18 notes, each box is produced in 5 copies,
from CHF 290

Music boxes Folk Tradition

18 blades,
from CHF 290

Music boxes Swiss Fantasy

18 notes,
from CHF 89

Music boxes Ballerina

jewelry box, 18 or 22 notes, the ballerina is optional,
from CHF 490

Music boxes La Piccola

18 notes, crank drive,
from CHF 99

Music boxes Family Box in prepartion.

The Auberson's hamlet from which the company Gueissaz-Jaccard
draws its centuries-old traditions

3, Rue William Barbey
CH-1450 Sainte-Croix
phone: +41 24 454 25 92